We are 'social innovators' as we meet people's demands

We are 'social innovators' as we meet people's demands
09 Jul 21

These days a 5-episodes author podcast entitled "Il Futuro, Che Storia" (The Future, What a Story) is telling how 450 years of entrepreneurial events, values and teachings stratified over time, converged into an open, innovative, solid and sustainable vision of the future. A story of "social innovators" in which the Sella group has its roots. 

And it is precisely this definition that a reputation analysis of companies in the banking and insurance sector assigns to those ranking among the first ones  - amid which the Sella group - whose reputation in the public opinion has grown most in this time marked by the emergence of the pandemic. 

What factors have favoured this growth and this remarkable judgment? Two in particular. In fact, in the face of the emergency and the transformations it has accelerated, companies within this industry have taken on a new role based on two key topics: support for the country and technological innovation as a distinctive lever with a sustainable positive impact.

According to a survey based on RepTrack reviews, anticipated in recent days by a reflection of the Economy of Corriere Della Sera, the Sella group is ranking in this positioning. More in general, however, the analysis outlines that the public opinion of the overall financial sector, in the months following the pandemic outbreak, strongly ameliorated. The above confirms the reliable participation in a collective commitment, perhaps unprecedented, in the face of such an extraordinary and unexpected event, which was recognized and appreciated by citizens. 

However, different entities in the perception of public opinion have "stopped" in the other three sectors of the analysis: the "historical presences", very well known companies that have not yet identified the key to work on their specific positioning; the "challengers", similar to the social innovators but lacking the same level of maturity and recognition; the "Tuners", companies still engaged in adapting their model to the new context.

What led to reach the best position in public opinion was, above all, the review of corporate business models to achieve: strong acceleration in the digital transformation, a significant increase in employee-related welfare, a series of local initiatives, and a push towards ESG.

For the Sella group, that's the story. Everyday history. A natural propensity, which, as the podcast produced by Piano P tells us, comes from very far away, and which often led to being precursors and pioneering innovations that then had a widespread diffusion and high impact. 

But what matters and adds value to the story is that entrepreneurial need driving the whole. Effectively meeting customer demands, if necessary also, by reviewing and improving their business models, as this is the best perspective also defined as the only one that makes companies live in the long term.

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