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What is peer to peer lending and how does the Smartika platform work?

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Peer to Peer Lending (also known as P2P Lending or Social Lending) is an alternative money exchange system based on the creation of a community of both people applying for a loan (Applicants) and people lending their money (Lenders) intending to do so under advantageous terms.

P2P Lending thus introduces itself as a straightforward and quick way of exchange for both applicants and lenders, based on the exclusive use of an online platform with the sole purpose of connecting the two primary players. Once accepted after careful analysis, the funding application gets backed by a community of lenders, each contributing with the share defined by the individual.

P2P lending on Smartika and how to become a lender
Smartika is the digital social lending platform of the Sella group that uses its matchmaking technology to fit loan offers between individuals. Founded in Italy in 2012 and supervised by the Bank of Italy, Smartika aims to offer people the opportunity to operate in the Peer to Peer Lending market in complete safety and reliability.

To become a Lender within the Smartika community, after connecting to the website, you need to create your account, load your payment account by bank transfer and finally set up your loan offer, choosing between the primary or secondary market or both.

What are the benefits for those who lend money?
There are several benefits for active Lenders on the Smartika platform. Among the principals is the low correlation with the financial markets since the return on investment is based exclusively on the instalments paid by the Applicants. When the Lender sets up an offer, he must indicate the "chunk", i.e. the value of the maximum amount granted for each loan offer.

Furthermore, risk diversification, as the invested amount is spread over various loans. Finally, we must emphasize the thriving social and sustainable value that comes from the possibility of financing innovative and sustainable projects aimed at the growth of our Country without any intermediation of returns.

How to apply for a loan?
To apply for a loan through the Smartika platform, you must create your account on the website, enter the desired amount and choose the duration of the loan, answer all questions relevant to the assessment of the profile and creditworthiness and finally wait for the outcome of your application.

What are the benefits for those applying for a loan?
Among the main advantages there is undoubtedly the possibility of using a completely online procedure, and digitally signing documents in total safety, without needing to go to a physical location. The first outcome of your request is immediate and the loans have a duration of up to 84 months that allows you to better modulate the monthly payment.