The Bancassurance partnership between Banca Sella and Genertellife

The Bancassurance partnership between Banca Sella and Genertellife
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28 May 21

Banca Sella and Genertellife have signed a bancassurance partnership and just introduced two new solutions dedicated to Banca Sella customers: Sella Glife Smart, designed for retail and affluent clients, and Sella Glife Wealth Prime, dedicated to private customers.

These multi-class policies combine the characteristics of a Class I product (the Glife Premium Separate Management) with those of a Class III product (the two Internal Funds, Sella Glife ESG balanced and Sella Glife ESG equity). 
The two internal funds having a strong ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) footprint fall under the government of the savings management company Generali Insurance Asset Management.

Funds mainly invest in environmentally or socially oriented assets that must not generate significant damage to the environment or have a negative social impact. Furthermore, the companies receiving investments must comply with good governance practices, such as the soundness of their management structures, staff relations, remuneration policies and compliance with tax obligations. 

The policies are also flexible, allowing for making additional payments, redeeming the capital already one year after payment, and switching between the lines, intending to achieve a personalized and modifiable equity exposure over time.

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