Sella Personal Credit: Artificial Intelligence makes credit disbursement faster

Sella Personal Credit: Artificial Intelligence makes credit disbursement faster
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24 Feb 22

Reducing credit disbursement timeframes through artificial intelligence to manage the required documents: here lays the goal of Sella Personal Credit, the consumer credit company of the Sella group, which, thanks to the adoption of innovative technologies, has automated the process of reading and analyzing documents provided by customers to obtain funding, thus improving the onboarding process and consequently speeding-up the timeframes to round the procedure.

Sella Personal Credit has chosen the Advanced OCR solution developed by 3rdPlace: a company of the Datrix group, to integrate it into the OCS information system. This technology, further to the automated reading of documents: (texts, images, videos, audio messages, etc.), also allows for their conversion and organization into data that can be used by the system, as well as for their integration with additional content from external sources. Implementing these innovative technologies allows for the total digitization of workflows (from the reading and checking of documents to their reconciliation and approval), thus making the back office activity more efficient and speeding up the credit disbursement process.

Enforcing the Datrix solution, therefore, allows Sella Personal Credit to optimize the management and analysis of the entire document flow, improving productivity and efficiency thus providing at the same time a better customer experience.

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