Pietro Sella: "Digital Euro, an innovative tool to meet new needs"

Pietro Sella: 'Digital Euro, an innovative tool to meet new needs'
03 Nov 21

"Governing innovation and fintech, together with sustainability, is a key to development and competitiveness". Pietro Sella, CEO of the Sella group, in his quality of Chairman of the ABI Technical and Innovation Committee, during his opening speech at the Salone dei Pagamenti 2021, talked about banks, innovation and the "new frontier" represented by the digital Euro.

"Technologies and solutions are emerging, that better respond to certain needs and are particularly suited to enabling new business models". Pietro Sella continued by emphasizing as well, "Faced by this scenario, banks do not want to be left out and cannot afford meeting customer needs only in the old-fashioned way".

Digital Euro plays a significant role in this context: "Italian banks need to be able to adopt the new rules of the game of innovation and level playing field compared to those who today make innovation. They, therefore, need - concluded the CEO of the Sella group - digital Euro and the technologies that enable it to link innovation to the economic environment, legitimacy, stability and consumer protection. 

Digital Euro is a sign of our being European and can rapidly enhance how we make payments and operate. A tool, therefore, to meet the new experiences that digital is creating in our daily activities".

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