Metaverse: 117 startups from 26 countries around the world for the acceleration program of Sella Group

Metaverse: 117 startups from 26 countries around the world for the acceleration program of Sella Group
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13 Dec 22

There are 117 projects nominated to participate in "Metaverse 4 Finance", the first Italian Web3 acceleration program - promoted by the Sella group and implemented by its Venture Incubator dpixel in collaboration with the Global Partner VISA. The aim is to identify and support the growth of national and international startups for the development of innovative, economically sustainable, inclusive and safe solutions and technologies, in the context of the metaverse applied to finance.

The 117 projects submitted come from 26 countries around the world. In particular, 37 from Italy, 11 from the United States, 6 from the United Kingdom, 5 from India, 3 from Germany while the remaining applications come, among others, from Argentina, Canada, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Australia.

The final phase is accessed by 7 startups with financial solutions based on decentralized finance architecture, "crypto as a service" solutions for B2B, decentralized metaverses and Web2 and Web3 hybrid open banking solutions.

This is the list of the 7 finalist projects:

Crypto Mate, Buenos Aires (Argentina) e Vilnius (Lithuania)
A crypto platform "as a service" that helps SMEs explore and build crypto services through simple Plug & Play APIs, overcoming technological, regulatory and operational complexities.

Dexy, Miami (USA)
A hybrid neobank that combines the advantages of the crypto and web3 world with those of the traditional bank, bringing the best of both worlds to mass adoption.

Intraverse, Turin (Italy)
An open metaverse founded on blockchain and focused on the interoperability of NFTs integrated as in-game avatars.

Seed Venture, London (UK)
It decentralizes fundraising activities for startups and SMEs and, at the same time, enables the exchange of tokens representing financial instruments issued on the secondary market.

Stablecomp, San Marino
The first DeFi protocol totally focused on stablecoin returns. The DApp provides access to different strategies for stablecoin returns across multiple chains to offer each user the ideal product.

Vertigo Exchange, Rome (Italy)
Professional investment platform that helps automate and optimize cryptocurrency investments thanks to tools such as bots, investment strategies and crypto indices.

Vestinda, Bucharest (Romania) 
Company that builds technology for trading and investing in Web3 and beyond. It offers zero-queue solutions to automate, grow and secure portfolios for both retail traders and platforms.

The 7 finalist projects now access an accompanying path to perfect business models, followed by the technical validation phase and the development of products and solutions.

The prizes
The 5 best startups will receive a prize of 100 thousand euros each, before moving on to "matchmaking" which provides the possibility of integrating the innovations developed within the processes of companies operating in the sector or testing them directly on the market.

The partners
The selected startups will benefit for over 4 months from the support of the network of partners (including Anubi Digital, Credem, Mintlayer, OGR Torino and Young Platform) who supported the call and the mentorship of dpixel, Sella Group's Venture Incubator, which has been operating for over 10 years in the European market with over 36 million euros of investments generated. Dpixel is the accelerator partner of the initiative, with the task of managing all the design, implementation and investments of "Metaverse 4 Finance" Accelerator.

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