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Energy efficiency, inclusion and 'green' investments in the Sella Sustainability Project

Energy efficiency, inclusion and 'green' investments in the Sella Sustainability Project
15 Oct 21

Attention to the environment and the spread of responsible lifestyles. Enhancement of human capital and the sense of economic responsibility towards our customers. These are the main guidelines of the Sella Group activities, part of its "Sustainability Project" with the dual objective of constantly improving its social and environmental performance and being a promoter of a sustainable economy, supporting its customers in the process of transition to an effective ESG-impact economy. 

Here are some of the key initiatives carried out to date.

Head offices and branches

The total electricity used by Sella in Italy is green energy: it is supplied by the Compagnia Valdostana Delle Acque Trading s.r.l. (CVA Trading) which certifies the «Guarantee of Origin» that is to say the origin from renewable sources. In addition, the Group contributes to meeting its energy needs through 17 photovoltaic plants installed on the top of its head offices and branches throughout the Italian territory. 

The headquarters in Biella, in particular, were built following modern criteria of eco-sustainability and reduction of the environmental impact.    A solar thermal system is in operation for the production of hot water, in addition to two photovoltaic plants. The systems allow for an important reduction in the consumption of methane gas and electricity and the related emissions. The building minimizes energy waste thanks to the insulation and thermal inertia of the casing, the use of ground and rainwater for the toilets and has systems for the adjustment and automatic control of the lighting. 

The Group companies have developed autonomous initiatives to reduce their environmental impacts related to consumption and the design of workspaces. Among these stand out the home automation systems at different locations of Banca Patrimoni Sella & C., the choice of LED lighting fittings, the recycling of equipment at Centrico Selir in Romania, through the cooperation with external partners.

The S32 building, which houses the community of the Fintech District in Milan, has also obtained the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) "Platinum" certification. (The highest certification level released to buildings that make efficient use of resources, use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, allowing you to save management costs.) The LEED certification is currently the most widely used voluntary building certification system in the world.
The attention to the environment of the Sella group also applies to the supply chain. Over 50% of the office material used has a low environmental impact, digital subscriptions to newspapers and magazines have reached 95.13% of the total, and FSC certified paper is in use. Support to the local territory also translates into choosing local suppliers. 84% in Italy, 86% in India and 63% in Romania.

Initiatives for the employees

Free still and sparkling water dispensers have been installed in the Group's offices to encourage using water bottles, to improve savings in plastic consumption linked to the lower purchase of bottles. All employees and collaborators have received eco-sustainable water bottles equipped with a chip that provides, through an app, the amount of plastic saved at each refill. In addition, an awareness-raising and information campaign on a healthier diet is in place that can reduce CO2 emissions and the exploitation of the resources of our planet.

The Sella group also joined Valore D, the first association of companies in Italy that for over ten years has been committed to fostering and supporting gender balance and inclusive culture in organizations, aware of how these issues are significant for development and value creation. This initiative is in addition to joining the campaign launched by the M&M Association for gender equality at public events. The Group commits itself to be aware of who the speakers are and whether and how balanced the representation between the genders is ensured at public events to promote, when necessary, a rebalancing alternative and offer solutions in this regard.

The Group is also focusing on training and information on issues related to sustainability, involving representatives, employees and associates. An internal online community is also active to enhance the voluntary initiatives followed by employees who can thus involve other colleagues within the Group.

Initiatives for customers

To support customers in the transition to a sustainable economy and business investments in innovative projects with a positive sustainability impact, Banca Sella launched a 1 billion Euro ceiling to finance the initiatives of SMEs focusing on having a tangible impact on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. Thanks to the ceiling, companies can apply for new funding, for example,  for research and development projects dedicated to productive sustainability or with a social-environmental impact, for investments in energy-efficient technologies or participation in investments with local associations, universities, research centres and other similar bodies with direct or indirect effects on the local community.
In addition, with an eye to environmental impact and ecological transition, the Bank has also launched an initiative to access the facilities of the so-called Superbonus 110% and a loan dedicated to the purchase of homes falling under energy class B, A or higher.

Sustainability and the environment are becoming increasingly primary factors also in the investment choices of Italians. In this area, as well, the Sella group is present through the Sella Sgr Sustainable Investments fund: the first mutual fund in Italy characterized by an impact investment policy, which aligns the objective of a financial return with the desire to tangibly contributing to the creation of environmental and social value.

The Asset Management Company of the Group also launched two other sustainable-approach funds: TFS icare, which aims at combining finance and scientific research through socially responsible investments dedicated to the theme of health and will support the 2021 and 2022 initiatives of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, while the fund Balanced Environment Coupon 2027 is the first Italian ESG maturity fund with a specific focus on the environment, community and governance.

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