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dpixel launches the first venture capital initiative in Italy for startups through blockchain

The Sella group Venture Incubator has finalized an investment in Lendit, thanks to the Seed Venture platform allowing to manage contracts through the issuance of tokens
dpixel launches the first venture capital initiative in Italy for startups through blockchain
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17 Jan 24

dpixel, the Sella Group's Venture Incubator, has carried out, for the first time in Italy, in partnership with Seed Venture and Lendit, an investment operation in startups through blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The initiative was possible thanks to the platform developed by Seed Venture, a company in the dpixel portfolio included in the "Metaverse 4 Finance" acceleration program, allowing the management of investment contracts through the issuance of tokens.

Thanks to smart contracts, investments transformed into tokens can, at any time, be exchanged and made immediately available to all parties interested in venture capital operations. As a result, therefore, it is now possible to create a secondary equity market providing liquidity to traditionally long-term investments.

This new blockchain-based modality has allowed dpixel to invest in Lendit, a B2B credit-sharing platform allowing companies and professionals to mutually lend money in a simple, fast and secure way. Lendit is among the startups already incubated by dpixel.

"Through this initiative, the first of its kind in Italy, dpixel confirms its ability to enhance the value of startups in its portfolio, such as Seed Venture and Lendit. Our role is to accelerate the growth of these innovative companies, subsequently investing in and supporting them in the implementation of tangible initiatives at a high technological level, all within our innovation ecosystem," said Stefano Azzalin, dpixel CEO.

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