'Banking as a service' to enable new digital solutions for the financial ecosystem

'Banking as a service' to enable new digital solutions for the financial ecosystem
The startup hub Station F in Paris (Patrick Tourneboeuf)
24 Mar 22

The Sella group has started a partnership with Doorway: a fintech platform, duly authorized by Consob, the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission. A leader in online venture investing for the market of professional, qualified, and corporate investors to support the development and digitization of companies' operations thanks to the opportunities offered by Open Finance.

Under this Agreement, Banca Sella will enable a series of payment and transaction reconciliation products through the APIs (Application Programming Interface) displayed on the Fabrick platform that will allow Doorway to manage some of its venture investing campaigns in innovative Italian and international startups and SMEs in a fully digital way and compliance with the requirements of current legislation.

This partnership is part of Banca Sella's "Banking as a service" strategy which, through an innovative and open model, aims to enable and expand the range of services offered to corporate, fintech, and financial institutions.

For Doorway, this partnership is an interesting test of its strategy to optimize internal activities and simplify processes for customers thanks to the possibility of using very advanced technologies. In the field of venture investing, where investments have a multi-year duration and a significant minimum investment is expected, Doorway finds it crucial to focus on the needs of investors and support them with innovative solutions that make processes as simple and monitorable as possible.

The agreement allows the Group to confirm its leading role in the field of Banking As A Service in Italy and allows it to start and extend Open Finance services also to venture investing. This continues the strategy based on an open platform model and the promotion of an innovative sustainable ecosystem as a technological, financial, and regulatory enabler.

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